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This page contains answers to common questions expected, along with some tips and tricks that I have found useful and presented here as questions.

Note: This CD has been presented for Microsoft Internet Explorer and has not been tested on any other software.  It has only basic HTML code however and should work as tested.  Best viewed in 1024 x 768.

  1. How do I ... ?
  2. Where can I find ... ?
  3. Why doesn't ... ?
  4. Who is ... ?
  5. What is ... ?
  6. When is ... ?

How do I ... ?

Find a particular section or page?

Go to the Start Here page and select the required chapter.  Page through the drawings until you find the section you need.  All headings relate to 16v model unless (20V) is stated.

If you find it hard to navigate, believe me it's no easier to navigate the manuals paper version.

Print a page in full A4 size?

Right click on the page and select 'Save image as...'  Then use you're image editing software to print the page at any size you want.  The images can also be opened direct from the CD.

Get the two page wiring diagrams to line up?

As the originals were A3 and the scanner is A4, this was the quickest way to scan them.  To line them up, you need to print the two images and tape them together Blue Peter style!  Stick back plastic is an option.

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Where can I find ... ?

Engine related maintenance

The manual does not cover engine components such as cylinder heads, camshafts etc as these are considered to require engine removal first.  Fiat have a specific Engine service manual which was not available.

Pages that seem to be missing

Some of the pages are missing from the manual, tough!

20valve items that are not listed

All the later model cars are covered if the systems have changed.  If not, refer to the 16v section for the system you need.  The clutch is the only one that is only covered for the 16v turbo.

All the torque figures for the 20v

Only the engine was covered, the rest should be the same as the 16v.  

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Why doesn't ... ?

The picture appear in the correct size on screen

All the pages were scanned full size, then reduced by 50%.  This was done to retain the best compromise between image quality and file size.

I tried with larger images (better quality) but it slowed the browser down too much.  This size was the best of many tried.  (I spent a long time on this!)

The quality of the photo images seem very good

The quality of the images is as good as the quality of the paper version.  They seem to have been photographs which were photocopied resulting in poor quality.

The page always appear straight?

Some of the reproduction pages were like that.

The section load quickly?

All the images in each section are cached on your PC as you access them, if you watch the lower left of the explorer window, you can see how many images remain to be loaded.  The section will work quickly once all the images have been cached.

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Who is ... ?

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What is ... ?

The torque figure in daNm?

This is Fiat's torque measurement and can be converted using a Java calculator at http://www.norbar-usa.com/itc/

DaNm are deca Newton metres and are Nm's / 10

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When is ... ?

Haynes going to produce a manual for the coupe?

They say there is insufficient demand for the model and producing a manual would not be viable.  

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