Volume Two

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Electrical System Pages 1 to 40
Electrical System Pages 41-81
Airbag and main fuse
Scorpion Alarm 918u
20valve electrical
Fuse box 1.8 ltr
Wiring Diagrams 1800cc pre-96
Wiring diagrams 1800cc Post 96
Wiring Diagrams 16 valve Part One
Wiring Diagrams 16 valve Part Two
20 valve wiring diagrams index
20 valve wiring diagrams Pages 5 to 20
20 valve wiring diagrams page 21 to 40
20 valve wiring diagrams pages 41 to 47
Electrical connector detailed drawings
Wiring loom drawings - 3D skeleton drawings
Bodywork and Interior

Volume 2.  Some sections have been split in two due to the large number of pages.

The wiring diagrams for the 20V are much easier to use and include skeleton drawings for component locations on the car, each drawing is a double sided A3 sheet which has been split into four seperate images.

The 20v drawings have been sectioned due to the large number of images, check the Wiring diagram index to find the section you need.

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